Workplace Mediation

Managing workplace conflict

Prime Resolution offers a range of services to organisations who need help in managing individual workplace disputes, or in developing an effective conflict management strategy.

We provide mediators with specialist experience of workplace and employment conflict, or deliver training and consultancy services to meet your specific needs.

We charge on an hourly or daily rate and will provide a reliable quotation following the free initial telephone assessment.

Who is workplace mediation for?

All workplaces, whatever their size or sector, experience conflict at some time or another and there is a general awareness that it can have significant negative implications for both employees and employers. The people who work for you are key to the success of your organisation and unresolved conflict between individuals or groups will impact on employee health and well-being and hinder your ability to deliver your organisational goals – whether these are to deliver a profit or a service or both. For decades now mediation has been recognised as a cost-effective process for resolving workplace disputes successfully, reducing long term absenteeism, and avoiding formal grievances and tribunals. Mediation offers the parties in dispute a safe and confidential forum for open and honest discussion in which the mediator works with them to explore and clarify the factors involved in the conflict and to identify and resolve the key issues that emerge.

The Mediation Process

We accept referrals from employers by phone or email or via the contact us page of this website. We offer a free initial telephone consultation which will help you to decide whether mediation is the right way forward for your organisation. At this stage, you may not have raised the possibility of mediation with the employees concerned because you want to explore the possibility first. Any information you give us is entirely confidential and no records need to be kept for our purposes unless you decide to proceed. We will provide an initial quote based on the information you give us. If you decide not to go ahead there will be no charge and we will not follow up the enquiry unless you have asked us to. If you do ask us to procced we will expect the employer to speak to the parties first to obtain their consent to our contacting them. A mediator will then contact them directly, usually by telephone, to explain what mediation is and why it is being offered. Mediation is a voluntary process so it is their choice and our experience is that parties generally need to get first-hand information from a mediator before deciding whether or not to mediate. Once we have the parties’ permission to mediate we will let you know (or inform you that they have declined) and will consult you about the arrangements for the individual interviews which are the 1st stage of the mediation process. Depending on the parties’ preference the individual interviews may take place in work time and /or on work premises.

In the initial interviews the mediator will talk to the parties, individually and in confidence, about their concerns and begin to build a picture of the key issues and contributing factors. This will help them to identify the agenda for a face to face meeting and decide who needs to be there.

The final stage of mediation is the face to face meeting between the parties. This meeting is managed by the mediator who creates a safe space for exploring the issues relating to the dispute and reaching an agreement. Most mediations can be completed in a day – though not necessarily on the same day as, if distance allows, there are certain benefits in allowing a short period of time between the individual interviews and the dace to face meeting. Whilst the meeting itself is confidential the mediator will produce a written record for the parties of what has been agreed between them. They will also seek permission to provide feedback to the employer on any systemic issues that have contributed to the conflict. This feedback enables the employer to consider whether changes to these working practices are likely to produce longer term and more widespread benefits.

Conflict Resolution Training and Consultancy

Prime Resolution can offer training that will equip your Human Resource professionals and front line managers with the skills and confidence to identify when action is needed and to manage conflict effectively. Recent research tells us that the skills and confidence of managers is a major factor early resolution of conflict. Too often front line managers feel scared of tackling conflict because they feel they lack the skills or may not get the necessary support. Sometimes a fear of retaliation prevents them stepping in and dealing with conflict. Sometimes they hope that, left alone, it will go away. It may – but research tells us that early resolution of conflict is better than leaving it too late. We can provide training and support for larger organisations who want to set up their own in house mediation service. We can also advise on how to develop systems and procedures that support effective conflict management.

Workplace Mediation with Prime Resolution

Our mediators are experts in analysing and resolving workplace conflict. We are all trained and accredited by national mediation organisations and members of the College of Mediators. As we are in business ourselves we understand the needs of business and organisations. Marilyn Webster has successfully managed a voluntary sector organisation and has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She has recently completed a research project into the Psychological Contract in Employment Relationships. John has a public sector legal background and often advises governing bodies and staff of schools and academies on various aspects of their working relationships. Others in the team bring experience of working across a range of sectors. Our aim always is to provide a good service at an affordable price and to achieve the results you need.

Prime Resolution Workplace Mediation

  • Training in early conflict resolution for your managers and staff.
  • Help and advice to incorporate conflict resolution strategies into your internal policies and procedures.
  • Consultancy and coaching for front-line staff who deal with seemingly intractable conflict.
  • Independent mediation service to resolve specific disputes between individuals and teams.

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