Mediation Services

from Prime Resolution

At Prime Resolution we know how painful and messy conflict can be and how powerless it can make you feel. Mediation puts you back in control.

Our team of professional mediators and experienced administrators will provide you with clear information and support to meet your needs throughout the process.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Helping to make arrangements following a divorce or the breakdown of a relationship.

Mediation is the best way of agreeing decisions about the future when a relationship ends. It is faster, cheaper and more flexible than going to court. Mediation puts you in control of what happens next.

Learn more about our family mediation service.

Government Announces Family Mediation Voucher Scheme

Family Mediation Guides

Information for people involved in a divorce or separation.

SEND Mediation

SEND Mediation

Resolving disputes regarding Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

SEND Mediation is available to anyone involved in a dispute with their Local Authority over a decision relating to any aspect of an Education Health and Care Plan – including the refusal to assess a child or young person (aged 0 – 25yrs) for a plan; or a refusal to issue a plan following assessment.

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Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Managing conflict in the workplace

Prime Resolution offers a range of services to organisations who need help in managing individual workplace disputes, or in developing an effective conflict management strategy.

We provide mediators with specialist experience of workplace and employment conflict, or deliver training and consultancy services to meet your specific needs.

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Meet the Team

Emma Liston

Case Administrator

Emma is one of our case administrators and may be the first person you speak to on the phone.

Emma will help to arrange your first appointment and, afterwards, will be available to support you throughout the mediation process. We are confident that you will find Emma helpful and easy to get on with - if not please do let us know and we will have a word with her!

Georgie Bridgwater

Case Administrator

Our other case adminstrator is Georgie. Georgie has been with us since 2016 and has helped a lot of parents through mediation.

You are less likely to be speaking to Georgie after May as she is about to go on maternity leave. We look forward to welcoming her back in 2022!

Marilyn Webster

Director and Mediator

Marilyn trained as a family mediator over 25 years ago. She is also now a trained and experienced professional practice consultant and child inclusive mediator.

Marilyn specialises in high conflict cases and has a particular interest in parental alienation and domestic abuse.

Steve Matthews


Steve is trained mediator with a legal background who is currently working with Marilyn in order to gain experience as a family mediator. We are looking forward to Steve becoming accredited and joining the team.