Family Mediation

Contracted by the Legal Aid Agency

Prime Resolution Ltd offers a Family Mediation service to couples who need to agree parenting arrangements or to make decisions about finances following the breakdown of a relationship.

Our service is available to couples throughout the West Midlands at our offices in Shrewsbury, Telford, Shifnal and Birmingham.

Some clients may be eligible for public funding which means that mediation will be provided free of charge, subject to a financial assessment.

What is Family Mediation for?

Mediation is commonly used to resolve issues such as -

  • Which parent the child/children will primarily live with.
  • How parents will communicate and work together in future to ensure they each play a role in the children’s future.
  • How property, pensions, other financial assets and debts are to be divided up.

Mediation is the best way of agreeing decisions about the future when a relationship ends. It is faster, cheaper and more flexible than going to court. Mediation puts you in control of what happens next.

Mediators are trained to work with couples who are in conflict – so don’t expect to have to be on good terms with one another in order to take part. It is our job to create a situation and an atmosphere in which disputes can be safely aired and agreements reached. One of the best things about mediation is that it helps to rebuild trust and communication so that agreements reached are likely to meet the needs of everyone concerned.

The Family Mediation Process

Your first meeting with a mediator will usually be on your own – though some couples prefer to attend together. It is your choice. At that meeting you will get a chance to find out more about how mediation would work for you, how many sessions you may need, whether you are eligible for public funding and, if not, how much it is likely to cost. You can check here to see if you might be eligible for legal aid You can then make the decision, with the mediator, about whether or not to continue.

This first meeting is usually called a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and it is now - in most cases- a legal requirement to attend a MIAM before the Courts will accept your application for an order. The decision whether or not to mediate is still yours and if you, or the mediator, decide that mediation is not right for you they will sign the form that allows you to make an application.

Even if you do not proceed at that stage you can return to mediation later- and you will find that this meeting has helped you to understand what your options are and what other services are available.

Family Mediation with Prime Resolution

We have a team of experienced mediators with backgrounds in legal and social work professions who are all trained and accredited by the Family Mediation Council to carry out the full range of family work including legally aided cases. Marilyn and Lesley have over 20 years’ experience as mediators and are also accredited Professional Practice Consultants who supervise and mentor newly trained mediators as well as experienced mediators in other practices. Marilyn and Lesley are also trained to consult directly with children in the mediation process. Rob and Abigail both have extensive backgrounds in family law mainly working in Shropshire and are highly experienced mediators.

Your first appointment will normally be arranged by phone at a time and location to suit you. If you prefer you can contact us by email or using the contact us form on this website and we will phone you to offer an appointment. Danielle, our administrator, will answer your questions and explain what will happen at your first appointment. If you are applying for legal aid she will explain what you need to bring with you.

We can normally arrange an appointment for you within 5 working days, though this may take longer if you want to request a specific mediator or an evening or weekend appointment. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

The mediator you see at your first appointment will normally stay with you through the process and will arrange follow up appointments directly with you which Danielle will confirm by letter. If you ever need to rearrange an appointment you can do so through Danielle who is also there to support you though the process by dealing with all correspondence and sending you appointment reminders. We do ask you to let us know well in advance if, for any reason you cannot keep to an appointment you have made as we can then offer it to someone else who is waiting.

Prime Resolution Family Mediation

  • For people in dispute around a separation or divorce, providing them with an opportunity to avoid costly legal proceedings.
  • Provides those in dispute with one another the opportunity to avoid costly legal proceedings following separation or divorce.
  • Provides the help of a trained mediator to guide you through the process of deciding financial and/or children's arrangements to best suit your circumstances.

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