Prime Resolution is a social enterprise offering mediation across Shropshire and the midlands.

Mediation is now widely used as a process for resolving disputes out of court or as an alternative to formal processes such as Tribunals.

Between us we have over 60 years' experience of resolving conflict and disputes, both in and out of court. We also have access to some of the UK's best and most experienced mediators and other dispute resolution professionals.

We believe that the law is there to help you.

Sometimes, however, there are simpler and cheaper ways to achieve the results you want, in a way that benefits everyone. We also believe that many people can make their own decisions and negotiate their own solutions, if they are given the right information and support.

We aim to make our help available to as many people as possible.

We do this as part of the wider social enterprise and public legal education movement. And we aim to provide our help by;

  • Providing information for free on our website.
  • Keeping our prices as low as possible.
  • Offering free workshops and taster sessions.

We fund this partly through grants and sponsorship, and also by investing our own profits.

We are grounded in the values of equality, diversity, fairness and empowerment. But these are just words – working with you helps us to turn them into a reality.

  • marilyn Marilyn has a social work background and specialises in family mediation involving children, SEND mediation and workplace disputes.
  • rob Rob has a family law background, specialises in finance and property issues on separation and divorce and SEND mediation.
  • lesley Lesley has a background in social work and specialises in family work, SEND mediation and training.
  • john John has a background in education law and works for Prime Resolution as an SEND mediator.
  • abigail Abigail has a background in family law and specialises in all issues relating to family mediation upon separation and divorce. Abigail works for Prime Resolution as a family mediator.